Early morning at the theatre

Last Wednesday, November 13th, all the third classes of the Wolki went to the Forum in Brixen to watch the play “Spooked!” presented by the Vienna English Theatre. 

The play is about Sir Simon, a ghost, who wants to scare away the new owners of Canterville Hall because they intent to demolish the old, historical building. Little does he know that it is exactly this American family who will set him free from a century old curse. 

The 3 B liked the play very much and this is what one of them, Alton Z.,  thinks about it:

“ ….. the actors were so good and their performance was just amazing. And it was so funny! My favourite character was Washington, it was so funny how he jumped and ran around. All the actors and actresses were good but the one who played Washington really inspired me. I liked every scene and every part of the play but if I had to choose one that I liked the best then I would pick the scenes when Washington meets Lord Canterville or Sir Simon for the first time. But to be honest I liked EVERYTHING.”

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